About “Contract/Apply” »»

  • What is the minimum length of stay?
  • Can I make a contract even foreigner?
  • I am under 20 years old. Can I rent a room?
  • Do I need a guarantor?
  • What document do I need to apply?
  • What do I need when making a contract?
  • Can I move in on the day?
  • Can I change the tenant if corporate contract?

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About “Rent/Payment” »»

  • How much do I need when making a contract?
  • How do I make my payments?
  • What are other fees except rent?
  • Do you charge deposit or commission fee?
  • How much are the initial fees?
  • Can we pay after moving in if it is a corporate contract?
  • Are utilities a fixed amount?
  • Will you charge if person other than tenant stay?
  • Can I pay at once when moving out?
  • Do you have long-stay discounts?

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About “Cancel/Termination/Extend” »»

  • What is the cancellation policy? Can I cancel before moving in? Can I cancel after applying?
  • Can I terminate my lease before it expires?
  • Can I extend my stay?
  • If I leave before the end of contract, can I get balance?

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About “Moving in/Moving out” »»

  • What time can I check-in on a move-in day and until what time do I check-out on a move-out day?
  • Can I stay with my pet?
  • Can woman stay alone safely?
  • Is there a non-smoking room?
  • Can I stay at 1 DK with two people or my families?
  • How do I receive my key?
  • How many keys can I receive?
  • What happens if I lost my key?
  • Can I send my baggage when moving in?
  • What should I do if I break a plate or electric appliances in my room?
  • Can I transfer my resident card to your apartment?
  • Can I get refill or replacement for expendable supplies?
  • How can I recycle or separate my garbage? Is there any specified garbage bag?
  • Who will clean up my room?
  • What do I do when moving out?
  • What should I do if the light bulb went out, battery run out or water leak?
  • What shold I do if I left something in my room?

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About “Equipment” »»

  • Where should I contact if equipment in not working properly?
  • Is there a telephone available or can I install a telephone line?
  • What kind of furniture and electric appliances are provided in the apartment?
  • Do you charge for laundry?
  • Is there a parking lot available?
  • Can I use the internet?
  • How I can connect to the internet?
  • Do you have a room with double bed or twin beds?
  • Are bedding linens for rent?

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Others »»

  • Can I change the room after making a contract?
  • Can I see inside the apartment before making a contract?
  • What number can I reach you from overseas?

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