About “Cancel/Termination/Extend”

What is the cancellation policy? Can I cancel before moving in? Can I cancel after applying?

No penalty for a cancellation up to 14 days prior moves in. However, we cannot refund even more than 14 days after you deposit.
After that, cancellation fee applies as follows,

[Same day] 100% of rent

[14 days to 1 day] 50% of rent

Cancel within the contract (during the stay), we cannot return the balance.

Can I terminate my lease before it expires?

Yes, you can terminate your lease by submitting your termination notice 1 month prior to the termination date.

* We cannot refund after you deposit it.

Can I extend my stay?

Yes, you can. Please call us for availability. We will arrange your extension if room is available, please contact us as soon as possible when your schedule is ready.

If I leave before the end of contract, can I get balance?

Unfortunately, we cannot return the balance.

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