About “Equipment”

Where should I contact if equipment in not working properly?

Please contact us. We cannot handle after business hours.

10:00 am ~ 6:00 pm (Weekdays)

For more detail, please check information in the room.

Is there a telephone available or can I install a telephone line?

There are no telephones available in our apartments.

What kind of furniture and electric appliances are provided in the apartment?

Please checkFacility and Photo Gallerypage.

Do you charge for laundry?

No, we do not charge for laundry. It is included in utilities.

Is there a parking lot available?

Unfortunately we do not provide parking lot. There are coin parking lots available around our apartment.

Can I use the internet?

Yes the internet service both is provided free of charge. * Free Wi-Fi Service

How I can connect to the internet?

We will explain how to connect to the internet when moving in. * Free Wi-Fi Service

Do you have a room with double bed or twin beds?

We do not have a room with double bed.

1 DK rooms have one semi double bed and semi double size sofa bed or two single size beds and semi double size sofa bed.

2 LDK rooms have two semi double size beds and semi one double size sofa bed.

Are bedding linens for rent?

No, we will prepare them for each tenant. Additional fee for extra bedding will apply.

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