Customer's Comments

I suppose the both edges of the bed in my room are protected with rubber to buffer from hurting, because I knocked my leg against an edge without any protector. 

The room is comfortable and I have had a good time.

T 様
1 名様
期间可用: 6 days

Thank you very much for staying at our apartment and filling in the questionnarie.

We will try to do our best to improve the point you have made a comment.
Thank you very much for your precious opinion.

We are happy to hear that you spent almost comfortably except for the point.
We are looknig forward to your next visit, until then we will make our rooms much preferable.

We spent comfortably. I would like to stay here when I am in Japan next time.

The United States of America
W様 様
3名 名様
期间可用: 17 days

Thank you very much for staying at La Jolla and filling in our questionnarie.

We will do our best to have you feel comfortable next time, too.

We are looking forward to seeing you again.

Visit our website and check if there is a discount campaign when you come again.

The features/ameniteis which

we  use most valuable to us 

*Washing machine   *Air conditioner *Refrigerator  *Tv  *Wifi     *Vacuum   *Rice cooker

The least valuable we use  (not a complaint just feedback)

*Video game system   *Batutub    *Girll/Oven

Thanks for the comfortable stay!

R様 様
2 名様
期间可用: 1 month

Thank you very much for using our apartment, La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate.

We will improve our rooms considering your advice.

We are looking forward to seeing you again!

Comfortable beds by IKEA and good cookwares, especially, surfaces of pots and pans little scratches and are little burned and stuck.

When I asked a question to a staff, (however, it was out of the reception time,) she treated me kindly. I am glad with it.

I would like to stay here again when I visit Kobe.

H様 様
4名様(内お子様2名様) 名様
期间可用: 3 weeks

Thank you for utilizing our room during your stay in Kobe.

We will do my best to serve a comfortable and satisfied room for the next time, either.

We are looking forward to your next visit.

I was satisfied with dealing with me quickly, but I did’t feel good when I had to explain my payment to staffs twice. 

It might be better that you introduce a way of settlement with credit cards.

Taking account of its location and room, the price might be acceptable, but when we look back at our usually hotel, Meriken Park Oriental Hotel, and its service I think your apartment is more expensive. (If you are in abroad, you can stay at the hotel at a reasonable price.)

I would like to stay a larger room for the next time.

MI 様
2 名様
期间可用: 9days

Thank you very much for staying at La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate.

We apolpgize to it for you that we made you feel uncomfortable and inconvenienced.

We will try hard to make a mutral understanding about customers between staffs.

We are looking forward to your stay at our 2LDK for the next occasion.

Compared to other weekly apartments, the apartment has much more equipments, with which I am happy.

The location is also good because you can walk to Motomachi and Sannomiya.

The room is very clean for its recent renovation, but there are problems with stains on the sofa, a piece of rice is dropped on the floor or some gavage was left.

 I have informed there was installed a large mirror, but I could not find it, so I asked a staff to bring it to us.

Didn’t you check the room before we came in? I couldn’t get a equipment list, so I could not find what was missed.

I was satisfied largely, anyway. I would like to use here again. 

JO 様
2 名様
期间可用: 18days

Thank you for staying at La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate and your comments.

We continue improving our services. We are looking for your stay again.

How about a guest book in each room? It would be fun to read what other guests did here in Kobe.

World map on the wall by the entrance: put a small dot on all the places people come from.

Garbage information was lacking. I did not know we were supposed to take it out to a street corner.

MI 様
2人 名様
期间可用: 30days

Thank you for your comments.
We are considering to make guest book and world map.
We are preparing Garbage information in English.

Excellent weekly mansion. I will come back for sure.

TM 様
3人 名様
期间可用: 3days

Thank you for staying at La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate.
We are looking forward to seeing you again!

I love La Jolla Mansion and service.

TM 様
2人 名様
期间可用: 8days

Thank you for staying at La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate.
We hope you have good time your stay.
We are looking forward to seeing you again here at La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate!

Thank you, we have been very comfortable in the apartment and would be happy to stay here again.

One suggestion : it would be helpful to have instructions for how to use the washing machine in English.

BA 様
3人 名様
期间可用: 17days

Thank you for staying at La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate.
We are now preparing English instraction for electrical appliance.
Thank you for your patience.

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