About “Moving in/Moving out”

What time can I check-in on a move-in day and until what time do I need to check-out on a move-out day?

Check-in time is between 1:00 pm and 6:00 pm on a move-in day and Check-out time is between 10:00 am and 1:00 pm on a move-out day.

Can I stay with my pet?

Unfortunately, no pets are allowed in our apartments.

Can woman stay alone safely?

Absolutely. As the door is automatically lockable, nobody can enter the entrance and rooms need card key.

Is there a non-smoking room?

This apartment is completely non-smoking.

Can I stay at 1 DK with two people or my families?

Up to 3 friends or families may stay in 1 DK. Beddings are available for a fee. Please let us know in advance.

How do I receive my key?

After we confirm the payment, we will contact you where and how you can receive the key.

How many keys can I receive?

Please contact us.

What happens if I lost my key?

The key will be replaced at your cost.

Can I send my baggage when moving in?

Please receive it by yourself.

What should I do if I break a plate or electric appliances in my room?

We will ask you to pay for it. Even though we usually inspect all appliances, please contact us immediately if there is defectiveness.

Can I transfer my resident card to your apartment?

No, you cannot move your resident card. However, if your stay will be over one year, please ask us.

Can I get refill or replacement for expendable supplies?

We provide some expendable supplies for the first couple days and will not refill or replace. Please ask us for details.

How can I recycle or separate my garbage? Is there any specified garbage bag?

Please check the information provided when moving in.

Who will clean up my room?

Please do it yourself during your stay. We clean up the room before you move in.

What do I do when moving out?

Please return your card key. You do not need to be present when leaving. Make sure you have your belongings with you.

What should I do if the light bulb went out, battery run out or water leak?

If you find it the day you move in, and tell us the day or day after tomorrow during business hours, we will replace or repair it. Otherwise, you are responsible for them.

What should I do if I left something in my room?

We will send it by freight to collect.

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