Customer's Comments

Had great time in a neat and comfortable room. Wish I had a DVD player…

I would like to stay here next time.

Chiba, Japan
K.H 様
4 名様
期间可用: 5 days

Thank you for choosing La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate for your place to stay.
We have prepared PS3 in each room. You can enjoy not only playing games but also watching DVD and Blu-ray with it. We are now preparing game softs and DVDs for you. Thank you for your patience.

Spacious and neat room made our stay comfortable. We would like to stay again when we are in Kobe. Thank you.

If any goods to clean the bath tub, would be helpful.

Kanagawa, Japan
M.I 様
2 名様
期间可用: 2 days

Thank you for staying at la Jolla Kobe Nakaymate and your comments for us.
We have prepared consumable goods and some cleaning products at our front desk. If there is anything you need, please let us know at the front desk.

The chilly wooden floor made my feet colder and had to wear socks. I had difficulty getting through to your front desk.

I wanted to know the sofa can be converted into a bed when we checked in.

Chiba, Japan
T.T 様
2 名様
期间可用: 5 days

Thank you for staying at La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate.
We deeply apologize for all your inconvenience. We will prepare room slippers for all the guests and inform you how to convert the sofa into bed. We keep improving our service better.

We had great time at La Jolla and liked your neat and beautiful room.

Thank you!


Saitama, Japan
Y.T 様
2 名様
期间可用: 3 days

Thank you for staying at La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate.
We are very happy to know that you liked our apartment.
Hope to see you again here in Kobe.

Thank you for treating me nicely from the beginning to the check out.

Saitama, Japan
K.O 様
1 名様
期间可用: 3 days

Thank you for choosing us, La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate from many weekly apartments.
Hope you have enjoyed your stay in Kobe.
We are looking forward to seeing you again!

Pleased with beautiful room which was fully equiped for us to stay.

Staffs were very nice to us though it was very last minute to book the room.

Thank you for that. We want to stay next time coming to Kobe.

Chiba, Japan
J.I 様
1 名様
期间可用: 2 days

Thank you for staying at La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate.
Short notice is welcome, as long as we can prepare rooms for you.
We also accept your booking for 2 or 3 monthes in advance. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

Neat and clean, all the equipments, including kitchen utensil, we stayed confortably.

Since the apartment was built 40 years ago, we felt nervous. Once it was fully renovated, it looked like a new.

Accomodation charge was also very affordable.

We’d love to stay again if we have a chance.


Kanagawa prefecture, Japan
Y.K 様
5 名様
期间可用: 2 week

Fully renovated in June, 2012 and grand opened in July, 2012.The rooms are full-furnished and have everything you need.
We are looking forward to welcome you at La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate.

Room is descent and clean, well-furnished. We had time there comfortably.

All the staffs were kind, polite and nice to us.

If another opportunity to come to Kobe, we would like to stay in La Jolla.

Thank you!


Yamanashi prefecture, Japan
N.N 様
2 名様
期间可用: 1 week

Thank you for stayin at La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate!
It's our pleasure to welcome you.
We are looking forward to seeing you again here at La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate :)