About “Contract/Apply”

How much do I need when making a contract?

The initial fees for the first time is the total of:

  • Rent
  • Contract Commission (one time only)
  • Cleaning Expenses (one time only)
  • Utility Charges
  • Management Cost

* We charge additional costs from second person.

How do I make my payments?

Rent must be paid in advance. We will inform you our bank account and due date after you apply. Please make your payment by the day.
If you stay one day to 30 days, please make a lump sum payment in advance.
If you stay more than 2 months, please pay your rent for two months in advance at the first time. After that, advance payment for a month is requied.
Please ask if you need a bill.

What are other fees except rent?

We also charge contract commission, cleaning expenses, utilities and management cost.

We will claim expenses if the room or facility get damaged remarkably.

Do you charge deposit or brokerage fee?

No, we do not charge any deposit or brokerage fee. We charge for rent, contract commission, cleaning expenses, utilities and management cost.

How much are the initial fees?

Please contact us your schedule and number of people to stay. We will estimate your initial fee.

Can we pay after moving in if we are corporate?

Unfortunately, advanced payment is necessary even corporate contract.

Are utilities a fixed amount?

Usually, 750 yen ~ / day will be charged for utilities. (Depends on room type) Excessively use must be billed separately. Please don’t forget to close the faucet or turn off the light.

Will you charge if person other than tenant stay?

In the day time, everyone can visit your room, but not be allowed to stay. If we find someone other than tenant stay, we will charge additional cost for full period your contract.

Can I pay at once when moving out?

No, full payment must be made in advance.

Do you have long-stay discounts?

Rent depends on the length of stay. Please check rent & availability page.