★Good Points for La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate★

★What Are Strong Points for La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate?★

1. The Rooms Get a Lot of Sunshine   
    Our apartment building has a southern exposure.   
    The rooms are airy for large windows.

2. Very Quiet and Comfortable Surroundings
    Altough there are a lot of schools, the area nearby is
    comparatively quiet. There is no busy streets in front of La Jolla.

3. Convenience Location
    Near to our apartment, there is a supermarket, post office and parks.

4. Easy Access to Big Cities   
   To Osaka Sta. it takes about 30 Min. from JR Motomachi Sta..   
   Both to Sannomiya Sta. and to Kobe Sta. it takes 20 minutes from the apartment.   
   Our location is suitable to commute and going to school. 

5. A Safe Building  
   Our entrance has an auto-lock system and each room has a intercom system with camera.  
   And also, our buliding is nonsmoking.