1DK with 2 beds

The room is sunny. There are two beds in the room but it makes you comfortable to live. You stay this room up to 3 persons (Recommendation: 2 persons).
***There is no elevator in the building (Three-story building).

  • Capacity: 3 persons
  • Room Size: 37.17 Sq mtrs
  • Balcony Area: 2.8 Sq mtrs
  • Balcony Area of #102: 4.0 Sq mtrs
  • Facing South (Sunny Room)
  • Beds (90cm×200cm): 2
  • Toilet/ Bath Seperated
  • Auto-Lock
  • Key cards lock system
  • Closet / Storage space
  • 1DK with 2 beds/ La Jolla Kobe Nakayamate (Regular Fare)
    Length of stay Rent (1person) Additional Guest Contract Commission Cleaning Expenses
    Less than 1month 7,500JPY/day
    800JPY/day 3,500JPY/one time 10,650JPY/one time
    1month - 3months 6,900JPY/day
    800JPY/day 5,700JPY/one time 13,400JPY/one time
    3months - 7months 6,600JPY/day
    800JPY/day 8,450JPY/one time 18,900JPY/one time
    More than 7months 6,100JPY/day
    800JPY/day 11,300JPY/one time 29,800JPY/one time
    Cleaning Expenses depends on number of persons (2,200yen/person)
    Utility Charges- We eill charge an extra fee for excessive
    Including taxes

    Home Appliances
    Air Conditioning
    Free Wi-Fi

    Home Appliances Refrigerator, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner, TV, Vacuume Cleaner, Microwave Oven, Hair Dryer, Rice Cooker, Electric Kettle, Air Cleaner
    Furniture Bed(s), Sofa(bed), Dining Table, Chairs, Coffee Table, Curtains, TV Board, Chest
    Kitchen Cookware, Two-burner Gas Range, Dishes, Cutlery, Saucepot, Flying-pan, Knives, Cutting Board, Mugs, Glasses
    Bathroom Shower, Bath towel(s), Toilet Brush, Bath Mat, Washbowl, Face Towel, Bath Chair
    Bedding Bed(s)with Mattress, All Bedding Included: Comforters, Pillows, Pillow Cases, Bed Sheets *Blankets(only available in Winter)
    Equipment & Consumable supplies Trash Boxes, Hangers, Mirror, Clothespins, Indoor Drying Stand, Clip and Drip Hanger, Clothes Iron, Ironing Board
    Other Toilet, Bathroom, Gas, Water, Electlicities
    Building Facility Auto-lock System
    Room Type 1DK
    Infrastructure Wi-Fi, Closet(s), Bath/Toilet Separated, Flooring, Washlet, Air Conditioning
    Rental Goods Toaster Oven: 100JPY/Day
    Bike: 500JPY/Day
    Electric Bike: 1,000JPY/Day
    Coffee Machine: 150JPY/Day

    ※We have no consumable goods in the rooms.

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