Contract / Apply

No problem. Please prepare a valid ID, such as a passport, an alien registration certificate etc. If you cannot prepare these IDs, Japanese citizen must make a contract on behalf of.

Yes, you can rent a room as well. A contractor must be your parents.

No, you don't. You need emergency contact information; generally, it must be your family or relative. (You may need a guarantor if it is more than 1 year contract. Contact us for more information)

Copies of valid photo IDs for each person who move-in are required.

If the contractor will move in, contractor's valid photo ID is required. If the contractor and the tenant are different, both valid photo IDs are necessity.

If room is available and can make a contract before 1:00 pm, you can move in on the day.

Yes, you can, regardless of monthly contract. Please call us for more details. Valid photo ID is required.

Rent / Payment

The initial fees for the first time is the total of:

  • Rent
  • Contract Commission (one time only)
  • Cleaning Expenses (one time only)
  • * We charge additional costs from second person.

    Rent must be paid in advance. Please make your payment by the day. If you stay one day to 30 days, please make a lump sum payment in advance. If you stay more than 2 months, we accept by installments (Monthly). Payment methods are a bank transfer, credit card and cash.

    We also charge contract commission, cleaning expenses and additional guest's charge (if you stay with someone).
    We will claim expenses if the room or facility get damaged remarkably.

    No, we do not.

    Please contact us your schedule and number of people to stay. We will estimate your initial fee.

    As a general rule, advanced payment is necessary even corporate contract.

    Utilities are included in rent fee. But excessively use must be billed separately. Please don't forget to close the faucet or turn off the light.

    If you stay with your guest, please pay 1,000JPY/person per day and 1,600JPY/person as bedding goods. Please let us know in advance.
    We arrange bedding clothes and pillow and so on.
    *We charge NOT NIGHTS BUT DAYS.

    Rent depends on the length of stay. Please check rent page.

    Cancel / Extend

    In principle we cannot accept the cancel.
    If you have an excusable circumstance, please contact us as soon as possible.

    Yes, you can terminate your lease by submitting your termination notice 1 month prior to the termination date.
    * We cannot refund after you deposit it.

    Yes, you can. Please send us an email or come to the office.
    We will arrange your extension if room is available, please contact us as soon as possible when your schedule is ready.

    Please see "Can I terminate my lease before it expires"

    Moving in / Moving out

    Check-in time is after 1:00pm and Check-out time is until 6:00pm.

    Unfortunately, no pets are allowed in our apartments.

    Absolutely. As the door is automatically lockable, nobody can enter the entrance and rooms need card key.

    This apartment is completely non-smoking.

    Up to 3 friends or families may stay in 1 DK.
    Beddings are available for a fee. Please let us know in advance.

    After we confirm the payment, we will contact you where and how you can receive the key.

    Please contact us.

    The key will be replaced at your cost.

    We will ask you to pay for it. Even though we usually inspect all appliances, please contact us immediately if there is defectiveness.

    Please contact us.

    We provide some expendable supplies for the first couple days and will not refill or replace.
    Please ask us for details.

    Please check the information provided when moving in.

    Please do it yourself during your stay. We clean up the room before you move in.

    Please check the information provided before move-out.

    We will send it by freight to collect.


    Please contact us as soon as possible.

    +81 (0)78 371 3067

    For more detail, please check information in the room.

    There are no telephones available in our apartments.

    Please check Facility and Room page.

    No, we do not charge for laundry. It is included in utilities.

    Yes, We provide a parking lot, but it is only for one car.

    Yes the internet service is provided free of charge.【 Wi-Fi Service

    We will explain how to connect to the internet when moving in.


    Unfortunately, we will not be able to accept change the room because of the customers' personal preferences.

    Yes, you can see an available room at the time. Your room might be same type but a different room when you make a contract.

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